I didn’t feel anything! It didn’t hurt!
— 7 year old girl using DermicVR

Dermic's Vaccination VR is the first custom designed virtual reality experience specially built to minimize fear and anxiety from vaccinations and injections for kids 5-9


Unique DermicVR product features:

  • Single-dose or up to 4 vaccines

  • VR narrative tracks real life actions

  • Custom designed animated 360° environment using soothing sounds and music

  • Aimed at children 5-9 years old. (Teen and adult experience ready in September 2018)

  • Simple audio and blue tooth motion sensor for provider control

  • Provider can pause/resume experience

  • Sequences for skin preparation, disinfection swab and bandaging

  • Does not require internet connectivity!

  • Fast patient turnaround (when required)

  • Available in English and Spanish (more languages coming and available upon request)